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Blonde female sub experiences otk spanking, pantyhose queening and choke with hand over mouth

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Angry Rain DeGrey prepared severe punishment for her blonde slave girl who didn’t behave her properly. Now it is time for sexual humiliation and absolute lezdom abuse for her. Poor blonde babe gets over knees spanking and her ass slapped so hard that it is all red. Mistress ties up hands of her busty lover and smother her with her round ass wearing pantyhose. She enjoys queening very much and even does nose pinching of her blonde babe while still sitting on her face. Also she enjoys smothering poor girl with her huge boobs with sensitive nipples, this simple turns her on so much that she is ready to cum, that’s why she pushes her fem sub to against her ass and forces her to lick anus till she reaches powerful orgasm.

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Bdsm powerplay between women.

mistress Mona Wales

Meet mistress Mona Wales again, now she is playing with her brunette lover and teaches her bdsm powerplay between women. First she trains her new girlfriend to be nice obedient slut and honor her mistress with her tongue as often as she wants. Domina likes queening her victim in pantyhose, sitting right on their faces, making them smother. Her female sub is choking but still must lick both her asshole and pussy which are still in pantyhose. Mistress enjoys playing wit her big tits, twisting nipples and slapping it. Another humiliation for sexslave is to suck dildo strapon attached to the panties of Mona and take it deep down her throat to satisfy mistress who likes to watch on her obedient slave who is wrapped in bondage with hands tried behind her back.

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Cute female neighbour comes to a personal trainer and gets tied up and submit

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Kinky Ella decides to capture and have some lezdom fun with her neighbour who comes just to ask something she needs. Instead she is bound on the bed on cruel mistress, her legs and arms are spread wide and her sexy clothes is torn apart giving access to her beautiful body. Ella gags her new slaves and uses all her collection of dildos and vibrators on submissive female’s shaved pussy bringing her to the edge of orgasm. Now she feels that neighbour girl turned to her sex slaves and starts to humiliate her and teach to worship her body with queening her. Mean while she put her hand over her mouth and play dangerous but exciting breath control bondage. Finally mistress manages to cum right during the face sitting while obedient girl licks her pussy and butthole hard.

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